A collection of concrete creations I've made.



Concrete Creations by Paulo Oliveira

Over the past couple of months, I've been taking on a new hobby: making things out of concrete. The following is a sample of projects I've completed, and that are a good representation of my work thus far. 

Concrete Lamps

This is the intersection of my love for electronics and concrete casting projects (and photography!). My lamps tend to be modern in style and somewhat minimalist. 



Cilinders I




Book Lamp



Internal Light



Coke Light I




Incandescent I



Light On




Night Lamp I



Tower I



Tower II



Tower III



Concrete Clocks


Clock I



Minimal Clock


Tablet Clock


Tower Clock


Square Clock I




Vase I


 Vase II


Circular Planter

Phone and Laptop Stands



Phone Stand 



Phone Stand I


Laptop Stand





 Modern Cat Scratching Pole (Concrete Base) 


 Door Stop


Comments, questions, suggestions? You can reach me at: contact (at sign) paulorenato (dot) com