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January 2016

- My latest review; the Zhongyi 'Lens Turbo' adapter:


December 2015

- Posted an article showing my experience with several old 50mm lenses adpated to Sony E-mount.

November 2015

- Reviewed the book "Five Golden Rules: Great Theories of 20Th-Century Mathematics-And Why They Matter"

October 2015

- Sometimes a table-top dolly such as the pico-dolly is very useful for video work. In this how-to video, I show how I motorized a standard pico-dolly:


- Introducing the YACS - Yet Another Camera slider. This is a DIY tutorial explaining how to build a slider for video applications. The YACS features variable speed control and automatic reversal.


September 2015

- My review of the Canon nFD 85mm f/1.8 lens is now online:


August 2015

- My second video lens review. This time, the OM 24mm f/2.8 wide-angle lens:


- Big news! I just started a new YouTube channel dedicated to lens reviews. Please check my first video below. If you enjoy it, please support the channel by sharing and/or subscribing!


July 2015

- Reviewed the book "The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood"

June 2015

- And for something different this month, here's a DIY cat scratching pole idea...

May 2015

- Posted my favorite photography quotes, along with some of my personal favorite images.

April 2015

- Today I'm posting my new photo gallery "American Automobile"

March 2015

- Published my review of the book "Poincare's Prize: The Hundred-Year Quest to Solve One of Math's Greatest Puzzles"

February 2015

- How big is your image? A study of photo sizes when formatted for HDTV projection.

- For those interested in learning statistics online, there has never been a better time. Today I published an article on learning statistics through online video courses.

January 2015

- Published an article on using the statistical package R to find-out if a file is encrypted.

- Reviewed the photography book Photo-Wisdom Master Photographers on Their Art.

December 2014

- Reviewed the excellent book Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics.

- Published a new article on how to model a LC power filter using the open-source R programming language.

November 2014

- Ever wondered what are the best times of day to book your flights to avoid lengthy delays? Today I published a study for two local airports trying to answer that question.

- Using the R statistical computing language to compare air pollution levels in California.

October 2014

- Ever wondered how one can calculate the number of f-stops between two apertures? Here's how you do it.

- For those interested in Mathematics, you owe it to yourself to read the excellent book "Journey Through Genius". My review is here

September 2014

- Reviewed a vintage Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 lens adpated to a Sony mirror-less camera.

- Published a comparison of various vintage 50mm f/1.4 lenses.

August 2014

- The analysis of a transistor circuit at high-frequency can be somewhat challenging. I developed an Excel-based, common-emitter and common-collector transistor amplifier calculator for high-frequency operation that you can use to simplify this task.

- Published my review of the excellent book "Longitude".

July 2014

- My impressions of two 135mm manual focus lenses adapted to Sony E-mount Cameras.

- Published an article on Rent Prediction Using Linear Regression and Cross-Validation with Excel.

- Added a new photo Gallery: "Fort Ross".

June 2014

- Published my review of the Canon FDn 85mm f/1.8 adapted to a Sony E-mount (NEX) mirror-less camera.

- Wrote a review of Malcolm Galdwell's latest book: David and Goliath.

May 2014

- There's a new photo gallery in this website: the Flora gallery.

- Added an Electronics related article: A capacitive T network calculator in S-math Studio

- New article on Inverted Black and White Conversion.

April 2014

- I developed an Excel-based Depth-of-Field calculator for photography applications. The article can be found here.

- I've been having fun adapting old lenses to my Sony NEX camera. Today, I publish my findings on using 200mm telephoto lenses: "The battle of the 200".

March 2014

- New tutorial on how to use small flash units in manual mode.

- Posted my impressions of the Metabones Speed Booster, Canon EF to Sony E-mount (NEX) lens adapter.

- Added a new "Time" photo gallery. A series of composite images on the meaning of time.

February 2014

- Reviewed the entertaining book "A short history of nearly everything".

- Added a new "Color Portraiture" photo gallery.

January 2014

- Reviewed the excellent book "Excel 2007 Power Programming With VBA".

- Created a new photo gallery: Old Sacramento.

- Published a review of the Rokinon 8mm fish-eye lens for Sony NEX cameras.

December 2013

- Published a new article on "Diode temperature sensor calibration using Arduino and SHT15 module"

- Published my review of the surprisingly good book "The Happiness Advantage".

- Re-organized my "Photography Galleries" and added some new ones, including "Point Lobos" and "Coach Junkyard".

November 2013

- My first Arduino project: "Arduino Astronomical Clock for Automatic Light Control"
  UPDATE: This article was featured in:

- Published a review of the book "Isaac Newton".

October 2013

- In time for Halloween 2013, check-out my new electronic pumpkins project. (Featured now also in hackaday.com).

- Published my review of the excellent book "Supercrunchers".

September 2013

- Published a review of the book "The Story of Mathematics: From Creating the Pyraminds to Exploring Infinity".

- Published a review of the book "All of Statistics: A Concise Course in Statistical Inference".

August 2013

- If you own one of those analog CRT oscilloscopes, you may have trouble taking photos of the screen. The "OscilloCam" comes to the rescue.

- Published a review of the book "The History of Statistics: The Measurement of Uncertainty before 1900".

July 2013

- It's been a "chaotic" summer here at paulorenato.com. Two new articles on Chaos:

 A review of the book Chaos: Making a New Science 

 A new article on Excel based Chaos

June 2013

-Two new and related articles:

 New Life for an old Drill.

 How to measure rpm with an oscilloscope

May 2013

- Reviewed a biography of the great American Physicist Richard Feynman.

- There is no direct way in Excel to implement integration for a continuous function. In this new article, I explain how to approximate the integral for a function using a neat technique know as "Gaussian Quadrature".

Posted a review of the Olympus OM 200mm f/4 lens adapted to a Canon Digital Rebel.

April 2013

- Published a new article analyzing how combining many resistors improves the overall tolerance of the equivalent resistor. A fun little problem that actually required some mathematics:)

- Reviewed the book "The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Busines".

March 2013

- New article on how to build an ESR meter to find defective capacitors.

  UPDATE: This article was featured in the hackaday.com blog.

- Reviewed the excellent book "Abundance - The Future is Brighter Than You Think".

February 2013

- Published two new and related articles

  - A new article on how to build a A Karaoke mixer and amplifier for the iPhone

    UPDATE: This article was featured in the hackaday.com blog.

  - A transistor amplifier calculator that many electronics hobbyist may find useful

    UPDATE: This article was featured in the Dangerous Prototypes blog.

- Reviewed the book: "RF Circuit Design" by Chris Bowick.

January 2013

- Published a new article on how to build a high-bandwidth "Lo-Z" probe.

- Reviewed the book: "The Mystery of the Aleph".

- Starting the new year with a book review:  "So Good They Can't Ignore You" by Cal Newport.

December 2012

- Tis the season for singing. Today I publish article on how to build a (very) simple mixer for a Karaoke system based on YouTube streaming.

- Added a new review for the book "Makers" by Chris Anderson.

November 2012

- Added a new book review for the excellent book "The Signal and The Noise" by Nate Silver.

- New article: How to make a cheap panel voltmeter from a dollar-store pedometer.

UPDATE: This article was featured in the hackaday.com blog

October 2012

- New article: Fume Extractor for the Electronics Workbench.

- Added a new article on how to build an adjustable constant current load. 

UPDATE: This article was featured in the hackaday.com blog.

September 2012

- Added a new book review for the excellent book "Energy for Future Presidents" by Richad A Mueller.

- Published a new article on how to build a LED fader for home lighting applications with two-level settings. It uses a notebook supply to feed a light strip with Cree XM-L power LEDs.

August 2012

- Completed a new article on how to build a battery operated light-box. Useful for product photography, macro shots and photographing small objects in general.
UPDATE: This article was featured in the hackaday.com blog:)

- Added a new article on how to build a flood detector from a dollar-store "panic" alarm.

July 2012

- Added a new article on how to build an AC-powered USB charger for toys or other devices by re-purposing an old cell-phone charger.

- Added a review for the very entertaining book "Moonwalking with Einstein".

June 2012

- I was recently in the market for a new car and also selling an old one. My experience resulted in two related articles now online: "How to Photograph a Car for Sale" and "How to Negotiate a Car Purchase Online".

- Solar energy experiments can be quite fun. In this new article, I show how to build an important component for many solar powered systems: your own solar charge controller.

May 2012

- Added a new book review for the excellent book "Looking at Photographs".

- Posted a review of the Olympus OM 24mm f/2.8 lens coupled with the Sony NEX-5N.

April 2012

- Ever got frustrated when cleaning your camera sensor? Using  a sensor lopue can make the whole process so much easier. In this new article, I show how you can build one yourself.

- Proud to announce that an article I wrote is now published in the May 2012 edition of the Nuts & Volts Magazine. The article is titled: "Sound Activated Laser Parking System". Be sure to get the Magazine!


- Tired of those uncomfortable "neck straps" for your camera? Today I published an article showing how you can build a much better camera strap yourself. Introducing the "Rapidinha Camera Strap".

- New article reporting my experience using an "old" 50mm f/1.4 Olympus OM lens with the Sony NEX-5N.

March 2012

- New article with some thoughts on panoramic composition.

- Added a new article showing how to build a simple sound activated DSLR camera trigger.

January 2012

- Added several new photos to the "Latest Work Gallery".

April 2011

- Added several new photos to the "Latest Work Gallery".

January 2011

- Point Reyes is one of my favorite spots in Northern California. Today I'm posting a new Gallery from Drake's Beach in Point Reyes.

November 2010

- Following a snow hike in Northern Italy near Lecco, I'm posting a new Gallery.

July 2010

- I'm happy to announce that my photography work is on exhibition at the Butch & Nellies Coffee Shop in Midtown Sacramento (corner of 19th and I Street) from July 4th to August 8th. The "official" opening will be on July 10th on the second Saturday art-walk from 6PM to 9PM so please come on down to see the exhibition.

June 2010

- California's Death Valley and Alabama Hills are some of my favorite locations in the state. Following a weekend trip, I'm posting a new gallery.

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