Author: Peter H. Diamandis and Peter H. Diamandis

Rating: 9/10

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In a time where the daily news outfits bombards us with doom and gloom, it's refreshing to read a book with such an optimistic message.

In fact, Abundance - "The Future Is Better Than You Think", starts with a chapter explaining why we, as the human species, are so predisposed to pessimism, even when not warranted. This chapter should be an eye opener for most readers, and explains much of the pessimism that permeates the news reports. The authors then proceed making a persuasive case that human ingenuity will most likely solve many problems that today seem intractable, ranging from health and poverty, to education and energy production. I must say that at times the book feels a bit like a re-stating of popular science predictions found in many other books, and that some predictions may be unrealistic. However, even if only a few of them come true, we are indeed headed towards a better, brighter future. History also supports the authors case that, in spite of of the occasional setbacks, human kind has been able to steadily improve living conditions for the average citizen. Towards the end of the book there's a more philosophical chapter, examining the state of our political institutions and cautioning that all this progress, though likely, it is not inevitable, and that we need to be vigilant and engaged as citizens to actually make it happen. Highly Recommended.

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