Author: Shawn Achor

Rating: 8/10

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 "Positive Psychology" is something I generally view with some skepticism. Therefore, I approached this book with a cautious attitude. To my surprise, the book turned-out to be much better than I anticipated.

If you want a good introduction to Shawn Achor's philosophy, have a look at this impressive TED talk by the author himself. This was the video that got me curious about the author and his books. Much of what is summarized in that TED talk video is explained in much greater detail in the book. This is not your traditional "think positive" book, and you'll find that the author is insightful and "down-to-earth". Some of the techniques proposed towards a positive attitude in life and work may sound like "common sense", but once you put them in practice, you'll find that they can be very powerful. It's one of those books that you may want to revisit every couple of years. Highly Recommended.

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