linear algebra

Author: Jim Heffron

Rating: 9/10 link




Linear Algebra wasn't a topic that appealed much to me in my college days. However, in recent times, I took an interest in machine learning and found that Linear Algebra is very important in this field and that I'd better get a refresher course.

Enter the excellent book "Linear Algebra" by Jim Hefferon. After reading this book, I'm convinced that the reason I didn't like Linear Algebra in my college days had more to do with the way it was thought, than the subject matter itself. While I can't say I like Linear Algebra more than say, Calculus or Statistics, this book made me appreciate the topic much more. Jim Hefferon does a fantastic job of explaining the topics clearly and rigorously while still finding space to entertain us with very practical and interesting applications to real-world problems. To top it off, though this book can be purchased in paper form from Amazon (see link below), the author is generous enough to provide a free pdf on his website for those who can't afford it, or just want to "sample" the book. It still amazes me the generosity you see on the web these days, and this is a good example. So if you have an interest on the topic or need to learn Linear Algebra for your studies or work, It's hard to do better than this book.

Highly Recommended. link