Author: John Derbyshire

Rating: 9/10 link




I saw one review of this book that described it as a mathematics book that reads like a novel..

I don't think I can improve on that description. It is indeed a very colorful and well organized trip thought the origins of the Riemann hypothesis and the efforts made (for over 150 years now) to confirm or deny it's validity. As of this writing, the Riemann Hypothesis remains perhaps the greatest unsolved problem in Mathematics. Will it be solved in my lifetime? Problems in number theory such as this one, can take a long time to prove. Fermat's last theorem, for example, took over 350 years. On the way to solving it, many new mathematical tools were developed that eventually found their way into unantecipated practical applications. I appreciated that the author made an effort to explain the mathematics behind the problem, and actually presented us with formulas and excellent graphs that make the topic more accessible to the non-mathematician.  If you have an interest in mathematics, you will certainly appreciate this book. Highly Recommended. link