history every

Author: Bill Bryson

Rating: 7/10

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Writing "A Short History of Everything" seems an ambitious goal, to say the least.

I suppose editorial and commercial concerns may have played a role in this hyperbolic title, but nonetheless, the author did a remarkable job of telling us a story about, well, almost everything. If "everything" is interpreted as science and physics that is. It's a fascinating look at some of the most important developments in science throughout history, with a particular focus on the men behind those advances. Bill Bryson is an excellent writer and manages to keep your attention throughout the book with a healthy mix of curiosity, anecdotes and humor. Don't expect him to go very deep into the scientific concepts discussed in the book though. This is a "popular science" type of book, and as such it feels a bit superficial at times. But what the book lacks in depth, it more than makes-up for in interest and passion. Recommended.

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