Author: Joshua Foer

Rating: 10/10

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This is a book about memory.

But before you think this is another "psychobabble" essay full of technical terms and obscure references, let me assure you that this couldn't be farther from the truth. Moonwalking with Einstein is not a science book as much as it is a very entertaining personal story that manages to teach us fundamental truths about our brains along the way. This is the genius of the book: teaching us how memory works by making us ride along on the author's journey through the US memory championships (who knew this even existed?). After reading the book, I've been able to memorize people's names much more effectively just by using one of the techniques that is casually mentioned along the way. That alone, has been worth the time spent reading the book. There have been only a few books in recent years that I just couldn't set aside, and this is one of them. A truly enjoyable read..

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