An easy to build and elegant scratching pole for your kitty.




A DIY Scratching Pole For Your Cat

Once in a while, it's refreshing to build something with leftover parts from other projects. So what do you do with half of an old floor-lamp, some piece of wood laminate and sisal rope? A cat scratcher thingy of course!:) I'm usually not too skilled with small 'craft' projects, but I'm quite happy how this one turned-out. Also notice the small solar lamp added on top so it glows at night:).

How to build

Unfortunately, I didn't capture the detailed steps as I was building this, but here's an outline for those interested.

Materials Needed:

- 1 thin piece of wood or laminate

- Metal base of an old floor lamp (mine was otherwise headed to the trash)

- 50ft sisal rope, 3/8 in

- 1 small aluminum bracket and screws

- Small rug strips (to cover the sides of the wood)

- 1 solar garden lamp to place on the top (optional)

Tools Used:

- Electric stapler (to staple the rope on the wood)

- Drills and drill bits (to drill holes on the wood and metal)

- Scissors and knife

- Screw drivers

Hopefully the figures below give you a good idea of how this was built. I started by stapling strips of an old, thin rug on the sides. I then rolled the sisal rope while adding staples along the way on the back of the wood. The mounting bracket mechanism can be seen on the detail photo.  I finished it by capping the top of the tube with a garden lamp. This is a nice touch as the top of the scratcher lights-up at night!



 Figure 1 - The Complete Scratcher



Figure 2 - A Different View




Figure 3 - Side View




Figure 4 - Detail View - Mountig Bracket and Solar Lamp


So, in summary, this is a simple and quick way to build your cat a scratch pole that actually looks quite elegant. Hope you found this useful.

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