How to make multimeter alligator Probes - a quick tip for Electronics enthusiasts.



How to Make Multimeter Alligator Probes

As an Electronics enthusiast, you are bound to spend quite of bit of time probing circuits to monitor voltages and currents. While the probes provided with most multimeters are adequate for quickly the key circuit nodes, they are not a very convenient solution when you need to monitor something for a longer period of time. In this article, I'll show you a quick tip on how to create "alligator" clip probes that make this much easier.



Typical Multimeter Probes

What you will need

For this example I'm using a very cheap (actually free) Harbor Freight multimeter. This is the type of inexpensive device that you might use along with a more precise instrument to monitor multiple voltages in your project.


While at Harbor Freight, I also purchased this set of clips that are very handy for building custom cables.

Alligator Set

Build Instructions

Start by cutting the original probes. Throw them in your parts bin as you never know when they might come handy for another build. Remove the alligators from their plastic cover. Now you can strip the cables using a wire stripper.

Tin the cable and the alligator then solder the alligator clips to your cable making sure you insert the plastic in the cable before soldering (believe me, it helps).

Soldering Cable to Alligator

Insert the alligator covers back and plug the cables to the multimeter.

And that's it, now you can use your meter to monitor electrical signals in your circuit while freeing your hands for other tasks.

Final Set


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