How to Add a Swivel Base to a Monopod.




How to Add a Swivel Base to a Monopod

I’ve owned a Manfrotto monopod for many years now, and frankly I haven’t used it much.

My Monopod

In this article, I’ll show you how to add a swivel base with legs that makes it a much more versatile tool, not only photography but also for video. This is a tip I first found in the Mr Cheesy Cam channel. Be sure to check his excellent channel linked below:
Since I found this trick to be very useful, I thought I would document the process as I converted my Manfrotto monopod.


What you will need


For this build you should purchase a swivel head (Amazon Link). This head is collapsible in case you want to revert to monopod mode, and also swivels back and forth which is useful for video work.

Swivel Base

You will also need an epoxy putty stick such as this one I bought for $5 at Harbor Freight  (or this one from Amazon).

Epoxy Putty

Build Instructions

Start by cutting the base rubber feet and removing it from the monopod. I used a Dremmel with a cutting wheel for this, but you could also use a small metal saw.

Cutting the feet

Cut about one quarter of the putty stick and prepare it by squeezing it in your hands for a minute or so.

Mixing the Putty

Before filling the base cup with the putty mix, be sure to turn the collar below so that the head does not swivel. This makes it easier to keep the monopod straight later on.

Fill the base cup with the putty and insert the monopod in the center.


To ensure the monopod is in a straight vertical position, lean it against a wall and use a bubble level. The putty takes a few hours to cure so leave it in this position overnight.
And this is it, in the morning you should wake up to the wonderful sight of a fully functional swivel monopod.

Final Result

You will find this device is sure to greatly improve your cat videos, which is justification enough for me to build this thing :)


Cat Video in Progress



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