Antelope Canyon


A black and white look at a popular color photography destination



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Aveiro, Portugal

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Aveiro is a Portuguese city where I attended College and lived for several years. As such, Aveiro holds a very special place in my heart. It is also a charming little town, sometimes called "The Portuguese Venice" with its canals and typical boats, and its proximity to the sea.




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The Philippines is another country that is dear to my heart. It couldn't be farther from the place I was born, geographically speaking, but I still feel like I am in a "second" home when visit. For photographers, this is a paradise with it's varied landscapes and its warm, welcoming people.




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Boracay, Philippines

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Boarcay is a wonderful tropical island "Paradise" in the Philippines. It's a common touristic destination for locals and tourists from around the world. The island is teaming with people which makes it an interesting "intersection" of cultures, and opens a great number of photo opportunities. 



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Porto, Portugal

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Porto in Portugal is perhaps better known for the famous "Port" wine which was named after the City. The wine would arrive here through the Douro river using the small boats seen in some of the photos below. The old portion of town facing the Douro river is now considered "World Patrimony", and it's a must-see place if you happen to come visit.



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Preston Castle, Ione, CA

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Preston Castle in Ione, California has long been a favorite of photographers, even featuring special photographer-only tours. This "castle" actually used to be a juvenile correction facility. It's long been abandoned tough, and its' spooky, decaying interiors are quite interesting. It's one of the first places where I perfected my hand-held HDR-BW technique. All the shots in this gallery are HDR and were shot hand-held.



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Bodie, CA

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Ghost towns of the American West are fascinating places. Even though they are abandoned, you can almost feel the presence of its past inhabitants roaming the streets. Their absence is almost as noteworthy as what is left behind. Bodie in Northern California's Eastern Sierra is an old mining town, long abandoned. It is a must-see place for photographers or anyone interested in California's history.




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Coach Junkyard


There is something mystical about junkyards. The Coach Junkyard in Williams CA is one such special place. This is a place where many buses from 60's and 50's retire. One can't help but imagine the people that rode on these vehicles and the stories behind each one.





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Point Lobos, CA


Point Lobos, near Monterey, California, is one of those places that has inspired generations of West-Coast photographers throughout the years. It's also one of my favorite California state parks. Well worth a visit.





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Old Sacramento, CA


Old Sacramento is close to home. Ironically, it is often easier to photograph unfamiliar places than something we are used to seeing. We are more observant when we don't know a place. But old-town is a fascinating window into California's past, and I could no longer ignore it. So, one morning in January, I headed early into downtown to avoid the crowds and captured the place in it's quiet winter serenity.




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