Kukulkan Mayan Temple


Mayan culture is fascinating to me. I find the elegance of their buildings, particularly the temples in form of pyramids, something to admire and explore. In this gallery, I post a selection of images from the great Kukulkan temple in Chichen-Itza.



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American Automobile


Back in the 50s and 60s car designers enjoyed liberties most modern designers would envy. These were the days of extravagant designs; of creativity set loose. Here's a modern view of those glory days.




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I find flowers and plants fascinating photographic subjects. It's been known for a while that many structures in nature follow a self-similar, fractal structure. For some reason, we humans are attracted to these structures, and nowhere can these be seen in a more diverse and elegant display than within the realm of plants and flowers.


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A visual reflection on the meaning of time.




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img sq

Someone once said that photography is not the art of inclusion, but rather the art of exclusion. Often, less is more when it comes to photographs. Here’s my homage to the power of simplicity.




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Empty Benches

img sq

An empty bench has an aura of mystery and quiet solitude. Like an event waiting to happen, or a sentence we could not quite complete... Who sat in this bench before? Who will sit in it next? The bench awaits in solitude...



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It seems we live surrounded by signs these days. When you stop and take a second look at them, you can often see something ironic, maybe even humorous. I've been photographing signs for a while; almost instinctively. I finally got around to putting them all together in one place and this gallery is the result.



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Street Walkers


Not what you are thinking. Random shots of people walking the street.





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Odd Moments


Henri Cartier-Bresson had his "decisive moment" photographs. I'm no Cartier-Bresson, so I'll settle for "odd moment" photos. The camera has this "magical" ability to freeze time, and often what results is unexpected and humorous, even odd...



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As any photographer will tell you, It's very difficult to group photos into coherent galleries. There is always a number of photos one really likes but that don't belong anywhere in particular. So, here's a set of "incoherent" photos, grouped for no particular reason other than because I like them.



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